Looking for a Church? Yes, we are a Smaller Reformed Theology Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. Our Pastor Expository Proclaims “The WORD” each Sunday morning at 11am. We just finished a 2 year journey through the GOSPEL of John, and we are looking forward to the next Book of the Bible the LORD has place upon our Pastor to teach, and the verse by verse teaching that helps us to understand all of the HOLY BIBLE. We do have many Bible Study Groups on campus during the week to accomidate most peoples schedule, along with several Prayer Groups. This is not your grandparents Church. CHRIST Crucified is front and center at Sea Gate. We learn, We send, We go, wherever CHRIST leads!


Looking for a place to worship CHRIST? Looking for Savation? Looking for a place to do Works of Faith? Looking to expand your knowledge of CHRIST? Looking for a place to practice the Great Commission? Looking for a Church that is CHRIST-CENTERED? Looking for a Church where you can actually hear the WORD of GOD proclaimed? Looking for a place where you can love your neighbors more than yourself? If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we cordially invite you to Worship CHRIST with us each Sunday Morning at 11am.

Resurrection Sunday April 9, 2023

Easter Sunday we will have an Easter Sermon on the resurrection of CHRIST. We would like to invite you to attend this Sunday or any Sunday. Reformed Baptist, Cross of CHRIST at the Center. Expository preaching, during this season of time in the Gospel of John. Saved by Grace through Faith Alone in Christ Jesus.

We will be worshiping CHRIST Christmas Morning!

We will be open on Sunday December 25th, 2022, and our Worshsip Service starts at 11am. We not only hope you will join with others at Sea Gate Baptist to Glorify CHRIST on Christmas Day, but we hope you will Praise and Glorify HIM everyday of your life, and to not foresake the assembly every Sunday Morning. Please Join Us, the invitation has been extended to you! We would love to have you…

looking for a small biblical church, where you can grow and start a ministry, you found it!

Our Pastor is presently expository proclaiming GOD’S word through The Gospel Of John. Our hope is that even if you decide not to visit Sea Gate Baptist that you will visit other bible believing Churches in our area. Kingdom workers are needed and we hope that you will visit with us soon.

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A biblical church to learn, live, and share CHRIST!!!

If you are looking for smaller Church Body that is CHRIST-Centered, friendly, loving, and ready to share the message of the Cross, then we would be honored if Christ led you to Sea Gate Baptist. If your spiritual gift is not being used and you are looking to share that gift with others, we would be excited to talk with you and see what ministry you may help or start, while sharing your blessing with others.

Worship services every Sunday at 11 am in English, located in Building C.

Worship services every Sunday at 11 am in Spanish, located in Building A


Looking For a Church Home?

New to Wilmington, NC, or just looking for a CHRUCH to hear the voice of GOD.

We are open every Sunday at 9:30 am to edify, teach, love and make disciples of GOD'S children.

Sunday School/Bible Study at 9:45 am

Traditional Worship at 11 am

Spanish and English services every Sunday

Spanish Building A

English Building C

Have a Prayer Request?

Click the Prayer Tab on this web-site and email us your Prayer Request.

The Prayer Team will start praying as soon as the request is received.





You are invited!

Our campus is open at 9:30 am every Sunday morning. Sunday School/Bible Study begins at 9:45 am and  regulatory Worship Service begins at 11 am. We now offer Spanish Services in Building A and English Services in Building C. Bring a Bible if you have one, if not we have one for you. Expository preaching!

This Sunday 9/26/2021


This Sunday morning at 10:30 am in the main sanctuary (Building C) we will be having a special service. This service will be in both English and Spanish. What are we celebrating? The sufficency of CHRIST... 2 Pastors bringing GOD'S word, praise singing, hymm singing and just praising GOD while hearing HIS WORD. Oh by the way, we will have a fellowship meal afterwards for those who come to hear the WORD of GOD.


You are invited, and we wait to greet you in HIS name.

Service starts at 10:30 am, see you then.

You are Invited…

July is here and many tourist have come to our town for summer vacation. Each and everyone is cordially invited to come and worship CHRIST at Sea Gate Baptist. Bible study at 9:45 am each Sunday morning with Traditional Worship service starting at 11 am. Spanish services and Bible study times are at the same and can be located in Building A, English services in Building C. Don't worry about what to wear, just bring yourself and enjoy hearing the word of GOD.