Who we are

Established by GOD in 1880 in the Sea Gate Community of Wilmington, NC.

We are a Reformed Theology, Christ-Centered, Southern Baptist Church in Wilmington NC.

Through gift offerings and missions we associate with the following:

Cape Fear Network of Baptist Churches (formerly the Wilmington Baptist Association).

Baptist State Convention of NC

Southern Baptist Convention

We are loving, caring, and MISSION MINDED!

Our Teaching Pastor expository preaches, and usually does an entire book from the first verse to the last, with topical sermons on special occasions and when lead by the Holy Spirit.

Over the years Sea Gate Baptist has had many a good person come through the doors, and leave the Church through those same doors.

No one likes to admit when they have a problem!

Churches sometimes follow that description.

When a Church, just like people, will not admit there is a problem, and sometimes they don't even realize or even know there is a problem in the Church, they just see people exiting the doors and wondering why.

Sometimes the problem in a Church is just as simple as the message of the Cross becoming obscure and worldly. Rendering the Church weak, in it's practice and theology.

Sea Gate has had a season of being one of those Churches. Worldly, and not Christ-Centered. Boasting other than of the Cross.

That is not the case now at Sea Gate, through CHRIST ALONE for GOD'S GLORY ALONE, our current teaching Pastor mostly through prayer and good example has led this local body of believers to open their eyes and hearts, while asking GOD for help.

Metaphorically and in actuality the message of the Cross has been put back into the center of everything, turning Sea Gate Baptist around for the Glory of CHRIST only.

We are a Christ-Centered community of believers, reformed in our theology and Baptist in nature.

Rebuilding the local body of Christ from the inside, while learning to carry the message outside of the Church walls.

We strive in learning more about, and utilizing the true GOD breathed Holy Scripture as it was given and intended. Putting CHRIST first, starting with repenting daily of our sins, striving everyday for growth in HIS word, glorifying HIM in our everyday life, and interacting with others daily sharing the Gospel message of the CROSS, and all for HIS Glory and HIS Kingdom.

We are blessed to worship in a large facility, with a smaller amount of people than in decades or seasons past. The people who come to worship our LORD in this season are Christ-Centered, loving, caring, friendly, sharing and accepting of others.

The doors are wide-open, and it's a place where the sheep can come to hear the Shepard's voice.

The starting of ministry possibilities are limitless at Sea Gate, from teaching, missions, music, choir, nursery, college, youth are just to name a few.

We are a community of believers, learning, and striving to live by the WORD.

If you feel called, lead to use a spiritual gift, or would just like to come and hear GOD'S word, YOU ARE INVITED.

Join us!