Reformed Baptist Church

Are you looking for a Church in Wilmington, NC that Expository Proclaims and Teaches verse by verse, book by book for the Glory of CHRIST? Are you looking for a Church home were you can learn, and grow in GOD’S word? Are you looking for a Church, where as you grow in GOD’S word you can GO out onto the MISSION field for CHRIST? Are you looking for a Church were you can use your Spiritual Gifts? Are you looking for a Church? If you can answer the questions with a “YES'”, then this Church might be the answer for you!

Join us each and every Sunday morning at 11:00 am for Worship and Praise to our Savior and LORD, CHRIST JESUS!

What to expect, small Church feel, welcoming and loving sheep.

What to wear, casual to dress, whatever gets you to come inside and wordship CHRIST. Yes, flip-flops and shorts are acceptable, we are a Beach Town.

Yes, we do offer Bible Study/Sunday School. After we meet you, we can find the best class for you, depending on your personal needs for learning.

We look forward to meeting you!


Looking for a Church? Yes, we are a Smaller Reformed Theology Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. Our Pastor Expository Proclaims “The WORD” each Sunday morning at 11am. We just finished a 2 year journey through the GOSPEL of John, and we are looking forward to the next Book of the Bible the LORD has place upon our Pastor to teach, and the verse by verse teaching that helps us to understand all of the HOLY BIBLE. We do have many Bible Study Groups on campus during the week to accomidate most peoples schedule, along with several Prayer Groups. This is not your grandparents Church. CHRIST Crucified is front and center at Sea Gate. We learn, We send, We go, wherever CHRIST leads!


Looking for a place to worship CHRIST? Looking for Savation? Looking for a place to do Works of Faith? Looking to expand your knowledge of CHRIST? Looking for a place to practice the Great Commission? Looking for a Church that is CHRIST-CENTERED? Looking for a Church where you can actually hear the WORD of GOD proclaimed? Looking for a place where you can love your neighbors more than yourself? If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we cordially invite you to Worship CHRIST with us each Sunday Morning at 11am.